Hear what life is really like at Jewish Senior Life communities from the people who know us best — our residents and their families.

What People Are Saying About Elan Skilled Nursing & Rehab

“Thank you so much for your tender loving care to my mother. I cried all the way home when she was admitted there in the fall of 2018 as I thought it would be the last time I would see her alive. She was very ill at that time. What a difference a year makes, especially under your superb care of her! The last time I visited, she told me she was very happy there. She has a group of friends and loves the food (she is a picky eater so this statement speaks volumes). It makes my heart happy to see how engaged she is and how much time she spends outside her room. Having cared for her for five years and as a registered nurse, I know what a challenge this can be. I really appreciate all you do to lovingly care for her. You cannot imagine the peace of mind it gives me. Thank you so much!”

“My sister and brothers and I are very blessed with a caring and loving third-floor staff who treat our mom as if she was their family member. They hug her, they dance with her, they reminisce with her, they are kind and patient with her. She doesn’t always participate in activities; however, the activities staff continually try to engage her. Recently Leaha, an activities staff member, knowing our mom enjoyed the outdoors, took her outside to enjoy a few hours of sunshine! As Mom would say, ‘today was a good day.’ That was a good day for our mom!"

“I left in tears the other night — good tears, tears of joy and appreciation. I watched Sue, one of the fourth-floor nurses, stop what she was doing to go over and hug and hold a resident who seemed upset. I’ve watched her do similar things many times. Earlier the same night, she walked over and stood in front of a different resident, and she put out both of her hands. The resident beamed a huge smile and extended her hands as well to hold Sue’s hands. You have a wonderful team, and they all take good care of the needs of the residents. Sue is in tune with their emotional needs, and though these exchanges that I’m writing about did not include my mom, I have seen her do similar things with her as well. She hugged and comforted the upset resident and rubbed her hands until she smiled.”

“My husband, Jim, has been a resident of Elan Skilled Nursing & Rehab since the spring of 2018. He is on the memory care floor. I can’t turn the clock back to restore Jim to the smart, loving, talented man I married almost 50 years ago. So Elan Skilled Nursing is the very best place he can be. He is well-loved and he is well-cared for and he is safe and content. I visit regularly and I see that each resident is always treated with loving warmth, courtesy, and respect. Many of the staff have worked at this community for more than 15 years and regard this work as their calling. Jim’s dementia is the tragedy of our lives. Elan Skilled Nursing & Rehab is the blessing.”

“We have been delighted with the wonderful care Mom has received at Elan Skilled Nursing & Rehab. It’s especially impressive that staff from every department, whether it be social services, medical staff, therapy staff, or dietary, know Mom by name and give her a big greeting whenever they see her. We have witnessed this personal touch exhibited time and again by the wonderful staff who provide for the residents’ needs with respect, care, and compassion. Mom is happy and content, and for this we are grateful.”

“I will never forget the easy access you gave to our friend to visit my brother every day and take him to the sun and beyond with her words of wisdom and memories shared. I will never forget Nicole’s calls keeping me updated at all times and Sherrie’s tears as she prepared to say her last goodbye to her new friend. I will never forget the dignity and respect shown to Tim all day, every day.”

“I am a big fan of Elan Skilled Nursing & Rehab. I tell everyone, when you need a place for rehab and recuperation, the place to go is Elan Skilled. It is one of a kind and they are the best at meeting your needs. They are not just a nursing home — they are a place to get you back on your feet and back to your home.”

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