What is Skilled Care?

Elan Skilled Nursing and Rehab Explains Your Options

When faced with senior care decisions, it is important to understand the various options available and the services you can expect from each provider.

For example, the term “skilled care” is one that is folded into our name, Elan Skilled Nursing and Rehab, A Jewish Senior Life Community (formerly the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania).

Skilled care typically refers to skilled nursing care and/or rehabilitation services, ordered by your doctor, and provided by licensed health professionals, such as nurses and physical therapists. Skilled care is provided in a nursing facility setting, which is also referred to as a nursing home or a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services can also be provided in other health care settings, such as a home health provider or an inpatient rehabilitation hospital.  The Medicare program will often pay a portion of a skilled care stay provided in a nursing home setting when the nursing care and therapy services can only be safely and effectively performed by, or under the supervision of professionals or technical personnel. Skilled care providers offer around the clock licensed nurses to evaluate and manage a resident’s individual treatment plan.   Most skilled procedures are provided by registered nurses and rehabilitation therapists, with physicians available as needed. A skilled care stay is usually a goal-oriented and client centered short-term stay averaging 14 – 21 days. Goals are established with a primary focus of improving physical function while recuperating from an acute illness, injury or surgery.   At the conclusion of a skilled stay, individuals are often discharged back to their home in the community where they continue to live independently.

Individuals can also receive long-term care in a nursing facility.  Some residents need more day to day assistance than can be provided in their home which necessitates their transition to a longer term nursing home stay.  Care and services are typically focused on maintaining functional and/or cognitive capabilities and effective management of future declines.  The care focus expands to include permanent housing and social programming in addition to medical care.  Long-term nursing home care is typically paid by the consumer or through the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program.

Here, at Elan Skilled Nursing and Rehab, A Jewish Senior Life Community, skilled nursing care is our specialty.

  • Our experienced licensed nursing team is on duty 24 hours a day along with certified nursing assistants that further enhance the care that each resident receives; and
  • Our high nurse-to-resident ratios, routine health assessments, and wide variety of nursing and therapy services provides each resident with an individualized plan of care to assist with reaching discharge goals.

We have built our reputation on years of clinical excellence, and are proud to offer a variety of rehabilitative services that can greatly enhance independence.  Our modern, well-equipped therapy department, staffed by licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists, offers:

  • Non-impact arm and leg exercises equipment.
  • Thera cycle which improves outcomes with persons with Parkinson’s.
  • Parallel bars and stairs to improve gait and balance
  • Ultrasound for pain, mobility, and wound healing
  • Moist heat, ultrasound, diathermy and electric stimulation to relieve pain and improve mobility
  • Electric stimulation for wound care.
  • Virtual Reality Equipment or VRE to address balance, endurance and mobility.
  • Short-term programs for transitioning from a hospital stay, staying safe at home, and other such needs

Today’s nursing home serves two very different patient populations.  We can provide more complex medical care and rehabilitation services for those recovering from surgery or illness to assist with their return to home and community settings. Additionally, we also provide long term support services that offer permanent support for day-to-day needs.

At Elan Skilled Nursing and Rehab, we have a highly skilled nursing staff that has dedicated their careers to meeting the individual and unique needs of residents.  Contact Jodi Fitzsimmons at 570-344-6177 (EXT 1151) today for more information on how we can support you or your loved one through your journey.

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