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Over the years, The Jewish Home and our Sister-Organizations have enjoyed and greatly appreciated the help and care that several agencies have provided to us. Over the years, we have also grown to understand the need to keep up with technology and continue to establish ourselves within our community. In March, our CEO Mark Weiner directed a team consisting of Mason Cratch, our new Marketing Associate, and Positive Results Marketing to design a new state of the art website. This website is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2020. This website will expand our digital footprint while implementing a more simplistic feel to our site, making it easier for our visitors to navigate and find information about events and more. We are thrilled and excited about the team that is working on this website. It is poised to be a tremendous success and a big help to spread the word about our wonderful community.

When asked, Mason spoke with great excitement about the website project. “Since starting at The Jewish Home, I’ve always spoken with great appreciation for the opportunity to work for a storied organization. This website will be moving that same storied organization in a positive direction. Mark and Nicole have a great vision for the site, and they’ve made it very easy for me to lead this project.” He added, “PRM has many different assets that we’re eager to activate for this project. In my experience, any time you have an opportunity to take a project in-house while utilizing a professional agency, beautiful things happen.”

 The new website will feature five state-of-the-art videos introducing pages that highlight our services, events, and our mission. The design will be sleek and simplistic while offering more ways for our visitors to find healthcare information for seniors that they need. As an organization, we want to provide additional information and website access as an untapped source of help to the community. We want you to give us your input! What would you change about the current website? What features would you like to see implemented on the new site?

We would like you to share your feedback and give us your thoughts on how we can create a better user experience on our website. 

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