Updated Family and Friends Letter: February 15, 2021

Dear Family and Friends

In our letter on Friday 12, 2021, I was being optimistic about us being able to open back up for visits provided that we had no positive results from Thursday, February 11, 2021.   As luck would have it, two of our staff members’ results came back as positive over the weekend. Both have no symptoms and they are off duty quarantining for the required time period.  Our residents on the 3rd and 4th floor nursing units had potential exposure to the positive staff, so we will be testing these resident groups for the next two weeks starting early this week. These units have changed to yellow status.

Residents of the 2nd and 5th floors are able technically able  to participate in window visits at this time, unfortunately, the weather this week is not predicated to be conducive to visitors (families)  being outside  on our front patio to participate in window visits.   For everyone’s safety – and given the parking layout for families to access our patio in the front of our building and the cold Northeast PA weather making sitting outside in front of the patio windows very cold – we are going to wait until we have two full weeks without additional positive tests among our staff and resident groups.  At that time we can bring both residents and their visitors inside of our building to a designed neutral area on our first floor that is out of the weather.  We will also watch the weather to monitor if there is a significant change in temperature and conditions that would allow us to safely have window visits at our front patio windows for residents residing in green zone units.

Our Life Enrichment department continues to conduct virtual visits for residents and families.  FaceTime or Skype visits can be scheduled for residents in all zones.  Sherri Collins, Life Enrichment Director, will make appointments for video chats.  Sherri can be reached at 570-344-6177 ext. 1113 or scollins@jhep.org.

Our Facility’s Resident Impact (Since March 30, 2020, through February 15, 2021)

0 – Residents currently in our building with a confirmed active case of COVID 19

56 – CONFIRMED: Residents with laboratory positive COVID-19

0 – SUSPECTED: Residents with new suspected COVID-19

51 – Confirmed Staff Total: with a positive COVID-19

  • Please note that test results are reported on our daily call in line at 570-207-6711.  Family members and all others impacted by the virus will be contacted directly and provided with results and updates.

Thank you again for entrusting with the care of your loved ones. If you have any questions, we are always available for you.


Mary Rose Applegate, MBA, RD, NHA


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1101 Vine St.
Scranton, PA 18510

Call us:
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