There’s an App for That!

Technology plays a big part in our daily lives. Most people get up and check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email on their phone, whether it is one of these apps or all of them, technology plays a big role in our daily lives. Now technology can aide with caregiving. That’s right—there is an app for that!

Life 360 is an app available for the iPhone and the Android. This app is for families and can be used to track seniors. It shows where your family member is, how fast they are driving. It is useful for location services. They will, of course, have to carry their phone. This can be helpful if someone wanders or falls.

Park-N-Find which is available for the iPhone, helps you with that nagging problem—where did I park my car? The app saves the location of your car and helps guide you back to your vehicle with a convenient navigation feature.   This is a wonderful app for those of all ages.

Pillboxie is an app that helps you manage your medicines daily. It is fully customizable and allows you to set reminders at different times of the day. These reminders can be modified for different medications and the app asks you how you feel after taking the medications. This is important feedback for your doctor. This app is available for the iPhone.

The Eye Reader app uses the camera and flashlight on your phone to help you see either small text or brightens the text in a dark situation. The camera zooms in to act as a magnifier. This helps with reading even small fonts. This is available for the iPhone.

Simple Free which is available for the Android simplifies Facebook and other social media. You can easily look up your loved one and friends without worrying about pressing the wrong button. No worries about how to figure things out or doing things wrong! Simple Free is just that—a stress-free way to use social media.

Blood pressure monitor is an app available for the iPhone. This app helps you record your blood pressure as well as your pulse and weight. There are many health apps for the iPhone and Android. Search for the one that best fits your needs. These are important and can help you track information for your primary care doctor visits. Stay healthy with technology!

The red panic button is a wonderful feature available on the iPhone and Android. It sends your location and an alert via text message to a list of individuals you pre-set in your phone. This is useful for emergencies when you cannot speak on the phone or call 911 yourself. You can just press a few buttons and your friends will be able to help you.

These are just a few of the apps available—there are 100’s to meet your caregiving needs. Search for what you are looking for and you will find just about anything. Technology continues to advance and challenge us. We continue to enjoy its benefits in healthcare and more.

If you have additional questions and require assistance with any of your needs, please contact Nicole Lipinski, RN, Director of Healthy Aging, The Jewish Home at 570-344-6177 ext. 1113.

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