The Jewish Home of Eastern PA: Addressing the Pandemic

On Thursday, 03/12/20 the leadership at the Jewish Home addressed the pandemic and the precautions that everyone is encouraged to take. Ensuring that our staff and residents are in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. The responsibility of caring for those that are the most at risk of COVID-19 is a weight that we are proud to carry. Caring for seniors amongst a pandemic requires extra precautions and measures of communication. In a time like this, our ability to communicate has shown brightly. The staff community of the Jewish Home is on the same page and is eagerly working day in and day out to prevent illnesses from entering our doors. Providing quality senior care, The Jewish Home has taken precautions on all measures as recommended to us by our government. The full letter addressing the Scranton Community, and the families of our residents at The Jewish Home can be found at this link

It’s common knowledge that washing your hands frequently is vital in preventing any serious illness. But here are 3 out of the box ideas you can use to avoid illness, and viruses. 

1. Avoid Excessively Touching Your Face.

I often see many people touching their mouths and rubbing their jaw throughout the day to cope with having to sit still. If you are in constant contact with others, you may find yourself transferring bacteria from your hand to your face and mouth without even realizing it. Do your best to avoid touching your face until you’ve had the chance to thoroughly wash your hands. Practicing this, you can help prevent yourself from becoming ill.

2. Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Leaving your shoes at the door does a lot more than just preventing dirt from entering the common area. Countless bacteria can be found on the bottom of your shoes! We recommend removing your shoes at the door and sterilizing them thoroughly. Leaving your shoes at the door may not be enough to prevent bacteria from entering your home. You can use any common cleaning material to sterilize and clean your shoes.

3. Wash Your Clothes More Frequently

I don’t know about you, but I usually wear pants more than once before washing them. In times of a pandemic, that needs to change. As your clothing goes with you for the day, it constantly is being used as a napkin by your hands, and it’s constantly exposed to airborne viruses. We recommend washing your clothes as frequently as you can and changing your clothes after returning home from a long day.

Providing safe and quality care for seniors is very important to us. That’s why we take precautions and the necessary steps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Although you yourself may not be at risk of COVID19, you are at risk for continuing to spread it to others who may be at a higher risk. People at risk are not only at senior care centers, but they’re amongst us, battling sickness already. We encourage you to take precautions, be mindful, and do your part to prevent further spreading of bacteria. 

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