Outings For The Elderly – A Walk In The Park?

Every one needs to be outdoors and this is a crucial need for the elders too. It becomes more vital for the elders who are confined to their rooms due to lack of mobility, or any other disability. The only environment they see for days on end is within the four walls of the room and this can be frustrating enough to drive them crazy. Taking them out once in a while will be good for their mental health and keep up their spirits. With proper planning, such trips or outings can be fun and a welcome change from their mundane lives. In case a person is recovering from an illness, there is no better therapy than a breath of fresh air!

An outdoor trip for the elderly entails a lot of detailed planning before the actual outing. These cannot be undertaken spontaneously, as there are many factors to be considered. You need to first go over the activity for its suitability to the elders’ condition of physical health. For instance, a person confined to a wheelchair cannot go swimming. Instead, you can arrange to take them out to the park nearby and spend some time outdoors with nature.

Day trips, shopping or talking walks in the nearby park are good outdoor activities for the elders in your care. These activities will give the elders a sense of freedom and contentment. It will ease the boredom and monotony of the routine life they lead. However, you as the caregiver should first make sure that the place you plan to take the elder in your care can accommodate them. Is there a wheelchair access at the mall you wish to go to? Can you park at a convenient place? How accessible are the restrooms? Many such questions and more need to be answered before arranging anything.

Before you leave the house, be sure to prepare for any eventuality. Carry all the medications that may be required. Ensure that there are some eatables and water with you. The seniors in your care must be wearing the appropriate clothes for the outing. There are many such checklists you must verify before you venture out of the house with the elder in your care.

An outing for the elderly in your care may not exactly be a cakewalk for you! You have to be constantly on the lookout to avoid potential mishaps or accidents. However, it is worth the effort for the pleasure it gives the old person. There is no greater feeling than seeing the person you care for smile, when they have little left in life to smile about.

Outings can make a good change for the elders in your care and you should try to incorporate them into your routine as much as possible. They promote good spirits in the elderly and remove any feelings of boredom they encounter leading to a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

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