November 26, 2021, Letter to Friends and Families

Vaccinations are proven to curb the spread of COVID-19 and is a matter of safety as well as compliance with the federal government’s mandated vaccines for health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid facilities.

As of November 25, 2021, our vaccination rate for our active residents is 95% and staff is 100%, for a total of 98.3% of our facility fully vaccinated

Our main goal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been to provide high-quality care and to keep your loved ones safe.  We follow guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS as well as the latest COVID-19 infection control guidance with relation to its impact on our residents and visitors.

For information about vaccination rates at nursing homes, please refer to CMS’s Care Compare site through Medicare.govLearn about vaccines near you and the CDC’s fact sheet.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently released resources to help providers continue to encourage vaccine-hesitant residents and staff to consider the COVID-19 vaccine. The Department has developed a series of new vaccine hesitancy materials to help you and your team can leverage in your vaccine outreach efforts including:

Learn more about vaccine facts vs. myths with a downloadable PDF, blog and video blog, which are linked from our website’s COVID-19 page. Visitations are monitored and controlled based on the CDC’s county view data tracker.

Our top priority is to protect the residents, staff and families. Your cooperation and partnership in maintaining a safe environment for you, your loved one and our staff is appreciated.

Earlier this month, CMS lifted many pandemic visiting restrictions at nursing homes. The new guidance instructs nursing homes to allow visits at all times. There will no longer be limitations how many visitors each resident can have, how often loved ones want to visit or the duration of each visit.

Although the visitation guidance has been updated, visitation remains “different” from visitation prior to the pandemic.

In order to maintain physical distancing, we ask that large family groups visiting break up their group into smaller units to maintain physical distancing.  To maintain social distancing we are limiting 2 visitors at a time in the resident’s room, and max of 4 visitors at a time in neutral areas on our first floor.   If we determine, during peak visitation times, that the facility cannot accommodate additional visitors due to physical distancing, we may ask you to wait until current visitors have departed to ensure can ensure the safety, health and well –being of your loved one, other residents and staff.

Please be reminded of the requirements to complete visitation. The following infection control principles and best practices must be followed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, regardless of your vaccination status:

  • Please use the designated entrance to complete the screening process.
  • Upon arrival, all visitors must complete the screening process. Visitors who fail the screening will not be permitted to visit.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to visit:
    • Who refuse screening
    • Refuse to wear a mask
    • who currently test positive for Covid-19
    • have Covid test results pending,
    • are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or
    • been recently exposed to Covid
    • or currently meet the criteria for quarantine.
  • Please complete Hand hygiene upon arrival and departure (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred)
  • Wear a Face covering or mask (covering mouth and nose) at all times.
  • Maintain physical distancing at least six feet between people, in accordance with the CDC.
  • Limit visitation to resident’s room or designated visitation area. If roommate is present, please maintain physical distancing or visit in another location.
  • We recommend that if your loved one is in quarantine or in isolation that you refrain from in-person visitation and we will assist with virtual visits
  • Please notify staff when you are leaving so we can clean and disinfect the visitation area.

Visitors that are not able to adhere to the infection control requirements during visitation will be requested to leave.

Our Visitation Guidelines are located in the COVID information page on our website.

Our Facility’s Resident Impact (since the federal government issued reporting requirements
on May 8, 2020, through November 25, 2021):

0 – Residents currently in our building with a confirmed active case of COVID 19

57 – CONFIRMED: Residents with laboratory positive COVID-19

0 – SUSPECTED: Residents with new suspected COVID-19

55 – Confirmed Staff Total: with a positive COVID-19

  • Please note that test results are reported on our daily call-in line at 570-207-6711. Family members and all others impacted by the virus will be contacted directly and provided with results and updates.

One staff member tested positive this week without any direct contact to residents or other staff.

As always, we appreciate that you entrust us with the care of your loved ones. If you have any questions, we are always available for you. Thank you again.


Mary Rose Applegate, MBA, RD, NHA


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