Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Skilled Nursing Care: The Differences You Need to Know

When searching for nursing homes in Scranton, PA, and Lackawanna County, it’s important to understand the different levels of elderly care options available. It’s equally important to understand the differences between for-profit and non-profit Skilled Nursing communities. While both options share the common goal of providing quality senior health services and nursing home resources, not-for-profit communities are committed to doing so while practicing good stewardship. The primary goal of non-profit communities is not creating revenue, but rather focusing on the individuals they serve and the quality of care they receive.

A non-profit Skilled Nursing community is founded on a mission of compassionate service to its residents and their families. Many of these communities were originally founded by religious groups or fraternal organizations with the intended goal of treating every aspect of the aging process, from the physical, to emotional, to spiritual. With decades of experience in this field, non-profit communities have excelled at population health management and service along the full continuum of care.

This is proven time and time again by the data, which shows that non-profit communities regularly reach more favorable outcomes than their for-profit counterparts in key areas like overall quality of care, higher staffing ratios, reduced rates of hospitalization, fewer government deficiencies and more. Particularly in the case of Pennsylvania nursing homes, non-profits scored higher overall than both for-profit and government-run communities.

The hallmark of non-profits is the personal approach they take to every individual who walks through their doors and ensuring that their every need is met, whether that be through one-on-one conversations, personalized care plans or making family-focused decisions. With this mission in mind, they are at the forefront of making a positive impact and lasting change to senior health care.

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