An Update from The Leadership at The Jewish Home

May 15, 2020


The Jewish Home Leadership team strives to keep you informed during this pandemic.  We are listing our mitigation strategies for you here, previously listed in our May 9, 2020 communication. We have taken the following steps to mitigate, prevent or reduce the risk of transmission, including altering normal operations.

  1. We have restricted visitation by prohibiting all non-essential visitors from entering The Jewish Home as per Commonwealth and federal regulations.  
  2. Team members/essential visitors are screened for signs and symptoms upon entering and exiting the building each and every day. 
  3. Employees with active illness are not working. 
  4. Team members/essential visitors are limited to one entrance only to control all traffic into the community. 
  5. Everyone is required to thoroughly wash or sanitize hands upon entrance and exiting the building and to wear a face mask before entering the community.
  6. Dining areas and non-medical resident outings and other social events are all cancelled or postponed.
  7. We have engaged specialized, infection control cleaning to sanitize the community in addition to the environmental staff cleaning daily duties.
  8. Any resident leaving and returning to the community is screened and is quarantined for 14-days, even if they do not exhibit symptoms of the virus.
  9. Our team is equipped with all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  10.  We have engaged additional expert RN consultants.
  11.  We have engaged agencies to provide additional nursing personnel.
  12.  We are having ongoing communication with ECRI infection control specialists engaged by the PA Department of Health.
  13.  We are utilizing the CMS waiver program to train additional nursing assistants.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the administrative staff listed on our website for further assistance.

Stay safe!

The Leadership of the Jewish Home

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