Life Hacks and Products to Make Life A Little Easier for Seniors

You’ve worked so hard your whole life. It’s your time now to sit back, relax, and enjoy. How can you make your house safe and your chores easier so that you can enjoy daily living? Let’s look at some products that might make life a little simpler.  The iRobot smart vacuum is one way to make clean, easy, and fun. This wonderful invention will clean up carpets or floors with the touch of a button, a voice command, or
activation from your phone.

If only all cleaning could be this easy! Relax on the couch with your coffee while your vacuuming is on autopilot. It’s great for pet hair too!
EZ off jar openers can fit under your cabinets and help get pesky lids off jars. It can be hard and frustrating to get lids off jars if you have arthritis. OXO “Good Grips” is also found to be great for those who have trouble getting jars open.

Adding safety bars in the bathroom is a great way to make sure you’re safe and wash those worries away. There are some very decorative grab bars you can place in the bathroom to keep that residential feel. Placing one that extends from the toilet paper holder can help steady
you as you stand up and down. You can also ensure extra safety by installing one in the tub and shower area.

Grocery shopping can sometimes be a chore. Many local grocery stores will do your shopping and deliver right to your doorstep. Delivery is an excellent service if you don’t want to go out and shop. Local stores will often take your order over the phone or via the Internet.
Walmart has recently started a service where you can order your groceries online, and they will deliver them to your car.

There are many time-saving life hacks when it comes to cooking and kitchen cleanup. Use paper plates when possible. It’s easy to put a piece of salmon in the oven in a foil pan than can be thrown away and steam a bag of veggies in the microwave. There’s no need to wash lots of dishes and pots and pans if you’re cooking for one or it’s just you and your spouse. Try simplifying tasks, so there’s time to sit on the porch, enjoying the fresh air with a cup of something refreshing to drink.

We all deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Find easier ways to accomplish everyday tasks while being safe. Be sure to make time to enjoy your life! For more tips for seniors, please feel free to contact Nicole Lipinski, RN, MS, ADC-MC, CDP at the Jewish Home of Eastern PA 1101 Vine Street Scranton, PA 18510 via email at or 570-344-6177 ext. 1113.

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