July 16, 2021, Letter to Family and Friends

We encourage all to help put an end to the pandemic that has drastically changed all of our lives. Consider being vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect your loved ones as well as yourself. An additional incentive is prevention.

In specific, the Delta Variant has gained much attention of late. A Yale study and a report by the Wall Street Journal and other media confirm that those with full vaccinations are less susceptible to the emerging variant. Denise Skrzysowski, RN our Infection Preventionist put together the attached educational piece on the Delta Variant to provide you with up to date information.

The bottom line is we cannot let down our guard in our battle with COVID-19. Vaccinations remain the best means of overcoming the pandemic. We encourage all residents, staff, family members and volunteers to become vaccinated. For information about vaccination information, please check the CDC’s fact sheet. You can find vaccines near you at: https://www.vaccines.gov/search/.   

Our visitation guidelines are posted on our website at jhep.org in the COVID section.  To schedule a visit please email Mary Ryan at mailto:mmryan@jhep.org or call her at 570-344-6177 ext. 1104. Mary is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  We do ask for visits to be scheduled one day in advance.  Please schedule visits occurring on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, no later than the Friday before at 1 p.m. so schedules can be provided to reception staff.

Staff testing: Our non-vaccinated staff members continue to test weekly. We are pleased to report no positive test results from testing this week.

Our Facility’s Resident Impact (Since March 30, 2020, through July 15, 2021)

0 – Residents currently in our building with a confirmed active case of COVID 19

57 – CONFIRMED: Residents with laboratory positive COVID-19

0 – SUSPECTED: Residents with new suspected COVID-19

53 – Confirmed Staff Total: with a positive COVID-19

  • Please note that test results are reported on our daily call-in line at 570-207-6711.  Family members and all others impacted by the virus will be contacted directly and

We will continue to follow guidance from (CDC), Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Reminder on taking residents out for visits outside of the building.

Therapeutic Leave (TL)  guidelines need to be followed, ie physician’s order to permit therapeutic leave, advance notice to have medications prepared, notice by the responsible party of who is permitted to take a resident out on TL for residents who are not capable of making this decision for themselves. Is training needed on for the persons taking the resident out related to safe car transfers and other care issues? Also medications if needed when the resident is out of the building will need to be ordered in advance and packaged by pharmacy for therapeutic leaves.

We ask that you provide us with plenty of notice prior to scheduling a short outing with a minimum of seventy two hours (72). Please remember that a long time has passed since residents have gone out so things like car transfer status may have changed. Assessing if your loved one can safely handle car transfer and training for you on how to get your loved one safely into the care may need to be done.  Getting this process rolled out smoothly will take time.

We ask that for now, you contact Amber Ferranti, Director of Social Services as the point person to get short therapeutic leaves started for your family member. She can be reached at 570-344-6177 extension 1154 or aferranti@jhep.org – Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Amber will be the point person with our clinical team to get the process started.

Just as a reminder, if you are able to take your loved ones out of the building for a short time, please adhere to the infection control principles while away from the building. Remember to social distance, perform hand hygiene and wear your mask (both the resident and family members), unless eating. Your loved ones are returning to their home that has a lot of neighbors, please be mindful for their safety as well as your loved ones.

Thank you again for entrusting us with the care of your loved ones. If you have any questions, we are always available for you.


Mary Rose Applegate, MBA, RD, NHA


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