Health Care Screenings: Important even in our Golden Years to live and age well!

Health care screenings are medical tests to check for diseases or health conditions before a patient might notice signs or symptoms. These can also be done if there is an indication of a problem, and your doctor is considering treatment. These are called preventative health services.  The tests can consist of blood work, paper-pencil type tests, scans or other tests as the doctor deems necessary.

Preventive screenings are important throughout the lifespan. Some screenings are more important as we age. We want to age well and live well. Healthy aging includes physical health and well-being, brain health, management of chronic conditions and taking a look at financial planning. Let’s talk about a few types of preventive screenings.

Mental health and cognitive screenings can be done at your primary care provider’s office during your wellness check-up. Checking for depression and change in mental status are important assessments. He /she will want to be sure there are no physical problems that are affecting cognitive function. These assessments are important to ensure you are getting the proper treatment and rule out medical issues.

Screening for safety is also important as we age. Your doctor may ask you questions about falls since your last check-up. He/she is determining if something may be happening with you physically or if you can benefit from services like physical therapy. You may talk about safety hazards in your home and how you can avoid falls.  Last, your doctor may ask you if you feel safe in your home environment.  Don’t be upset by this question. Know that your doctor or health care professional is just looking out for your best interest.

Physical health screenings can vary depending on what your primary care provider feels is necessary. The screen is based on risk factors as well as your current medical status. Examples of these screenings are various types of cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, and mammograms. These types of screenings may be started early depending on your risk factors or may not be needed until later in life.

Blood pressure screenings or cognitive screenings may be offered in a community setting. Health fairs provided for seniors, local colleges and senior healthcare organization often offer these types of screenings. It is important to follow-up with your doctor if you are given results at these screenings which are outside of the normal range.

Many preventive services for older adults can be checked as part of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit.  To find out if a service if covered or what screening you are eligible to receive, check out this website which helps you to understand what services are covered.

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