Dear All,

While we are all at home the next “few” weeks, I thought I would send you exercises and stretches to help you stay limber and strong! I hope you will find this helpful and easy to follow.  If you don’t have weights at home, you can also use water bottles or soup cans. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. I will miss seeing you all, but hopefully we will see each other soon!

Be well and stay safe!




BANDS (Seated)

Circle around above head and to knees and reverse a few times.

Hold shoulder width apart and bring overhead and move left to right.

Turn side to side at waist.

Pull strap apart as arms are extended out front. 12 reps  x3

Bicycle arms 12 forward and 12 back…repeat several times. Make sure you have resistance and don’t let band go slack.  DON’T FORGET TO SIT UP TALL!!!

CIRCLE (Seated or standing)

Circle everything you can!

Circle big arms around 12 X and reverse.

Circle single arms around 12X and reverse.

Circle SLOWLY head around one direction and reverse and lift chin to ceiling.

Circle wrists

Circle ankles

Circle knees up and around (sitting) 12x ea. Leg and reverse


Drop one ear to shoulder and place same side hand above the opposite ear and pull down slightly and drop chin little more towards chest. Hold for a few seconds and then change sides.

Place both hands on head or behind head with both elbows pointing out squeeze shoulders toward ea. Other. Hold for at least 10 seconds

Place hands in front with outstretched arms thumbs up, palms together and open arms out to sides with thumbs towards back wall, shoulders in towards each other. Repeat slowly 3-4 times.

Bring one arm out in front one hand in STOP position fingers up and use other hand to pull fingers in towards you. Hold for 5-10 seconds.  Drop hand fingers down and pull back of hand in towards you. Hold 5-10 seconds.

Arms out to side, twist arms 12x , circle 12x small and reverse, circle 12x large and reverse and palms open facing front, push forward 12x,back 12x and repeat 2x. Drop arms at side and push palms back like you are resisting something 12x, and bring arms front and criss-cross straight arms 12x.

Punch side to side 12x, then punch up, and punch down above knees.

Repeat 3-4 times.

Side stretch (Sitting)-Step out one leg and extend opposite arm out to side at diagonal. Stretch out fingers WIDE.  Do one on side 12x and repeat on other side.

Seated Twist-Sit up tall, abs in, and turn to side, using opposite arm to hold side of chair, other arm rests on back of chair behind you. Look over that shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and switch sides.

Trunk Stretch Seated – separate legs and slowly round upper back and lean forward and drop arms at sides. Relax head and neck. Slowly roll up and lift arms over head. Inhale and reach up and say AHHHHHHH!!!! As LOUD and LONG as you can while you lower your arms to your side. Repeat 3x

Slowly circle Big arms around and say “OOOOOOHHH” as LOUD and LONG as you can. Repeat 3x

Extend arms in front and open out to side and say “EEEEEEEE” as LOUD and LONG as you can. 3x

STANDING (Use chair or Wall)

Balance- Stand behind chair or with a wall behind you as you lift one leg and opposite arm. Let go of chair if possible for several seconds.  Switch sides 3-4 times.

Place one foot in front of other foot (heel to toe) and let go of chair for a few seconds and switch sides. Try closing your eyes for added challenge!

Walk across the room (with help or near a table) heel/toe/heel/toe.  Do not look down, but focus on something in front of you.

Calf raises-12x 2 then add little pulses for 8

Toe raises-12 x2 then add little pulses for 8

Alternate heel toe, heel toe 12x

Holding onto something, extend one leg out and circle 8 times, reverse.

Same leg extend straight out to side, 8 times

Swing leg front and back, and swing same arm opposite direction 8 times.

Lift knee and turn leg out/in 8 times.


Turn and do opposite leg.

Stand against wall, with your shoulders “pinned” to the wall, arms down at sides and palms out and hold for about 2 min.

Turn to face wall, extend one arm out on wall, shoulder height and slowly turn your body one direction. Hold for several seconds and turn to other side keeping same arm on wall. Keep your body straight, and don’t lean.

Lunge-Place both hands on wall or chair and step back with one leg and lean forward, keeping heel down in back. Hold for 10 seconds and switch.

Extend one leg out to side, bend other leg and side lunge. Hold each side 10 seconds.


FLOOR (with chair nearby and mat)

On hands and knees- turn palms down and fingers facing in hold few seconds and turn upside down palms up and fingers facing in. hold few seconds. Circle wrists to stretch.


Do Cat stretch round back and relax head and arch back and lift chin. Repeat 4 times.

Opposite hand/opposite foot- on hands and knees, extend opposite arm out and opposite leg. Really extend through the fingers and pointed toes. Hold for 10 seconds each side. Switch 3-4 times.

Lie on back on mat and bring in one leg and hold for 10 seconds. Place that foot on top of opposite knee, arms out to side and drop to that side. Relax body. Switch legs.

Bring both knees in and give legs a hug and roll side to side to massage back.

Bring bottom of both feet together, and open out knees to sides. Relax back and hold for 10-20 seconds.

Bridge- on Back slowly lift hips and squeeze glutes and slowly lower. Push up through your heels! Do 8 reps

On your back -hands up, knees up, extend opposite hand/opposite foot. Hand goes straight overhead and leg goes straight out. Hold for a few seconds. 12x each side.



Do seated or standing with soft knees and elbows! Do not lock!

  • Biceps curls-12 reps ( you can do them slowly)
  • Arm extensions-lift out from sides to shoulder height-8-10 reps
  • Arms in front palms down lift to shoulder height 8-12 reps
  • Arms overhead press-palms face in, push straight up-8-12 reps
  • Pull ups at sides 12-15 reps
  • Triceps- seated or standing kickbacks-pull elbows back and hinge back at elbow. Lean forward flat back. Do not move upper arm!
  • Punches-Across body palms down, palms in punch out, palms down, punch down across opposite knees.

*8-   Chair Squats- IMPORTANT! With or without weights- Sit straight and   forward in chair and push to standing through heels. Try almost sitting for more challenge!

Finish with some deep breaths and big arm movements and stretches.



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