Dear Friends and Community

We are all consumed by this world –wide night- mare. All of our lives have been impacted in many ways. I wish to convey the full commitment of the Jewish Home, Elan Gardens, Webster Towers and Jewish Resource Center to the maximum protection of our residents and staff.

Our work is still driven by our values of Respect, Compassion, Advocacy, Intention, Quality, Education & Training, Safe Environment, Innovation and Accountability. All of these Values are being applied as we maintain staffing for all departments, institute the best safety and disease precaution with guidance from Federal and State Health Departments and professional association, efforts to have adequate safety supplies and staff and family communications.

Let me highlight some impactful actions. These are:

  1. Use of virtual video visits  to advance regular communications between families and residents 
  2. Modification of Life Enrichment Activities with attention to individual activities and social distancing    
  3. Provision of all meals on the floors
  4. On-going education to our staff about prevention and yes needed planning if  we need to implement precautions and proper care of residents should if we have a virus case in the building
  5. Screening of all staff every day
  6. Providing emotional support to each other 
  7. Initiation of some of our Parkinson Disease Programming dance, exercise and support groups via technology 
  8. In cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association to offer support groups via technology

I cannot say enough about our staff. As I walk the floors, I am most aware of the respect, compassion and intention of our staff. There is constant attention to assure and reassure our residents. Our Social Services staff and others are also maximizing communications with individual families. We know the inability to see our loved ones is trying and demanding. We will continue to maintain communication with you.

We are about to celebrate Passover and Easter. We are awaiting the arrival of Spring and warmer weather. We all recognize that our religious and family traditions will be significantly challenged. Our staff remains steadfast in our commitment to our residents, families and the community.

I look forward to getting back to you to speak about the many advances at the Jewish Home, Elan Gardens, Webster Towers and Jewish Resource Center. We will weather this major challenge.

You have the full commitment of our Boards and staff members to manage under these most difficult times and care for all of residents and staff.

We wish you strength and good health.

Mark D. Weiner

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1101 Vine St.
Scranton, PA 18510

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