Construction Begins on our Short-Term Rehab Unit with Dialysis Den Which Will Expand and Improve Resident Care

The Jewish Home of Eastern PA’s second floor renovation project features a state-of-the-art, 1,200-square-foot Dialysis Den that will allow residents to receive the same care in our facility as they would in a dialysis center. Work began in June 2022.

We are partnering with DaVita Dialysis to develop the space, which will accommodate up to 30 residents in need of transitional care to bridge the gap between their hospital stay and a return home.

The partnership with the DaVita team will bring qualified nephrologists and a dialysis team directly to residents. Ideally, this service will be provided to short-term dialysis patients in need of therapy.

This dialysis section is just part of the renovation, which also includes updated flooring, paint, counter tops, doors, lighting and furniture.

The project will be funded from foundation grants and individual donations. The expected completion is early autumn.

“Our Board of Directors has committed $3.5 million to this project that we know will improve the lives of our current residents and also allow us to extend our reach to seniors in need of care between a hospital stay and home,” says Jim Alperin, Board President of the Jewish Home of Eastern PA.

“These improvements will position us to continue providing high-quality care, dignified and compassionate services to seniors in the Scranton area. We are blessed to be able to fund much of this project through foundation grants and our generous donors.”

The model of care and programming for the entire second floor will be tailored to the needs of patients who have been released from the hospital following a serious illness, injury, or surgery, but need more time to recover before safely returning home.

“The project will make the Jewish Home the only rehab and skilled nursing facility offering an on-site dialysis center in the region,” said Mr. Alperin.

“These on-site dialysis services will provide better care coordination within our team as well as the advantages of improved quality-of-life and fewer disruptions for residents. In addition to improved care outcomes, this on-site availability will decrease costs.

“We represent 106 years of service to seniors of all faiths and religious affiliations. It is an honor to serve this organization and work with such dedicated and talented board of directors and our leadership team to continue serving our mission well into the future.”

The hallmark of the JHEP is the personal touch incorporated into everything aspect of care. That translates to one-on-one conversations, highly personalized care plans, and family-focused decision making.

The physical enhancements will result in solidifying the personal and emotional connections with residents and their families.

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