5 Of The Best Fathers Day Gifts in 2020

Father’s Day Is Around The Corner!


One day a year we celebrate fathers everywhere and we recognize the impact they have had on all of us. Here at The Jewish Home we wanted to share five of our favorite Father’s Day gifts of this year! As an extra fun bonus, all of these gifts can be found at smile.amazon.com! Smile Amazon is a nonprofit portal that allows you to shop, and donate to The Jewish Home at the same time! Once you log on at smile.amazon.com, you will be free to browse the entire Amazon website and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to The Jewish Home. This year we encourage you to shop, and support at the same time! Need some inspiration, here is a list of our favorite gift ideas.


1. The All In One Hammer Multi-Tool

This awesome gift is exclusive for the cool dads only! This gift is so handy, that it might eliminate the countless Home Depot trips every Saturday. You’ll have to see for yourself!

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2. Grilling Spice Kit

Every dad loves his grill! You can reap the benefits of perfectly seasoned meats when you gift your dad with this 5 spice kit!

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3. Survival Kit

Is your dad the hunter, hiker and fisherman? This gift might just be too perfect. Give him the give of ultra manliness with this outdoorsman gift!

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4. Magnetic Wristband

You should know, when man gets promoted to dad there is a side effect. It’s called constantly losing things and forgetting where you put them. That’s why this gift will come so in handy! This magnetic wristband can hold each bolt and screw while your dad fixes the car, or hangs up the new cabinets! Take a look!

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5. The Tech Man’s Charging Station

Is your dad an iPhone using techy? Look no further, this one is perfect! He can charge everything all at once from one spot! Give him the gift of a full battery!

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You can do all of your shopping right at Smile.Amazon.com! Log in, select The Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our organization!

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